Andy  Monks

Andy Monks

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First Name * Andy
Last Name * Monks
Username * trickmonkey
Country * Australia
City Brisbane
Nationality Australian


Availability: Freelance


Trick Monkey is creating imagery to entice, inspire, scare and amuse.

Trick Monkey is the freaky, bizarre, creature, character, concept, art, illustration of Andy Monks.

Andy Monks was born in South Africa and after living in a number of places along the eastern coast of Australia, is now based in the sunny climes of Brisbane, Australia. He lives with his wife and a multitude of imaginary friends.

Andy has been a professional digital artist for the last 10 years; he has worked with many entertainment, animation and visual effects companies such as Disney, Cutting Edge, Photon VFX, Animal Logic, Village Roadshow and Warner Bros.

During this time, Andy has worked in different roles from illustrator, concept artist to 3D Animator and Supervisor in feature film, television, print and web. He has also worked with corporate clients such as Coca – Cola, Holden and Kelloggs, as well as on film clips for Music Artists such as Silverchair and Something for Kate.

Andy finds his inspiration in anything from music and film to the ant crawling across his desk.

His work uses a combination of traditional drawing, photography, 3D CGI and graphic software.


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